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Groupe de travail sur le développement du leadership : vos commentaires sont les bienvenus[kemmañ]

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L'équipe "Développement Communautaire" de la Wikimedia Foundation soutient la création d'un groupe de travail globale, porté par la communauté, pour le développement du Leadership.

L'équipe est à la recherche de commentaires sur les responsabilités du groupe de travail sur le développement du leadership. Cette page Meta contient la proposition d'un Groupe de travail sur le développement du leadership et la manière dont vous pouvez aider. Les commentaires sur la proposition sont recueillis du 7 au 25 février 2022.

MPossoupe (WMF) 9 C'hwe 2022 da 03:46 (CET)[respont]

Wiki Loves Folklore is extended till 15th March[kemmañ]

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Wiki Loves Folklore Logo.svg

Greetings from Wiki Loves Folklore International Team,

We are pleased to inform you that Wiki Loves Folklore an international photographic contest on Wikimedia Commons has been extended till the 15th of March 2022. The scope of the contest is focused on folk culture of different regions on categories, such as, but not limited to, folk festivals, folk dances, folk music, folk activities, etc.

We would like to have your immense participation in the photographic contest to document your local Folk culture on Wikipedia. You can also help with the translation of project pages and share a word in your local language.

Best wishes,

International Team
Wiki Loves Folklore

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Remember to Participate in the UCoC Conversations and Ratification Vote![kemmañ]

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Hello everyone,

A vote in SecurePoll from 7 to 21 March 2022 is scheduled as part of the ratification process for the Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) Enforcement guidelines. Eligible voters are invited to answer a poll question and share comments. Read voter information and eligibility details. During the poll, voters will be asked if they support the enforcement of the Universal Code of Conduct based on the proposed guidelines.

The Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) provides a baseline of acceptable behavior for the entire movement. The revised enforcement guidelines were published 24 January 2022 as a proposed way to apply the policy across the movement. A Wikimedia Foundation Board statement calls for a ratification process where eligible voters will have an opportunity to support or oppose the adoption of the UCoC Enforcement guidelines in a vote. Wikimedians are invited to translate and share important information. For more information about the UCoC, please see the project page and frequently asked questions on Meta-wiki.

There are events scheduled to learn more and discuss:

You can comment on Meta-wiki talk pages in any language. You may also contact either team by email: msg(_AT_) or ucocproject(_AT_)


Movement Strategy and Governance
Wikimedia Foundation

MPossoupe (WMF) 22 C'hwe 2022 da 21:47 (CET)[respont]

Coming soon[kemmañ]

- Johanna Strodt (WMDE) 28 C'hwe 2022 da 13:38 (CET)[respont]