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New way to edit wikitext[kemmañ]

James Forrester (Product Manager, Editing department, Wikimedia Foundation) --14 Kzu 2016 da 20:31 (CET)

Use French for the interface when no translation available[kemmañ]

Please join the discussion. --Nemo bis (kaozeal) 29 Kzu 2016 da 20:45 (CET)

to join the discussion, an account should be created and I have no time to do it, sorry. About the question, I prefer a fallback in english. Sapcal22 (kaozeal) 29 Kzu 2016 da 21:58 (CET)
Why? Nemo bis (kaozeal) 30 Kzu 2016 da 17:29 (CET)