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Salud dit MF-Warburg, deuet mat out er Wikimammenn! Trugarez da genlabourat war ar raktres-mañ ; spi hon eus en em santi mat er gumuniezh.

Evit gouzout hiroc’h diwar-benn ar Wikimammenn e brezhoneg, kae er bajenn degemer. Gallout a ri komz hag ober goulennoù diwar-benn ar Wikimammenn en davarn.

Ma fell dit reiñ sikour d'ar Wikimammenn e c’hellez mont da borched ar gumuniezh ha lenn roll an traoù a zo d'ober.

Gallout a rez sevel goulennoù din war ma fajenn kaozeal ma kerez.

Thank you for all the work you did.

As our only sysop (for now), can I ask you to delete theses pages (crossnamespace redirections) :

A galon, Vigneron * diskut. 18 Du 2010 da 14:57 (CET)

No problem, done. --MF-Warburg 18 Du 2010 da 18:56 (CET)
Trugarez (= Thanks). Cdlt, Vigneron * diskut. 19 Du 2010 da 09:47 (CET)


Hi, could you special:import some pages from oldwikisource ?

(I'll be sysop with Gwendal next week, you'll be quiet then :) ) Cdlt, Vigneron * diskut. 22 Du 2010 da 16:50 (CET)

done. Please leave me a note when I can give the rights back --MF-Warburg 22 Du 2010 da 20:38 (CET)
Thanks again ;
In 1 or 2 weeks I think. Cdlt, Vigneron * diskut. 23 Du 2010 da 11:14 (CET)

Last import[kemmañ]

Hi, could you import these pages ?

This is (I hope so) the last request as I'll be admin with Gwendal at the end of the weeks (and at the same time you’ll could give the rights back). Cdlt, Vigneron * diskut. 30 Du 2010 da 09:30 (CET)

done --MF-Warburg 1 Kzu 2010 da 22:13 (CET)
I’m now admin (and Gwendal too) so this is the last time I bother you ;)
A last question : on special:Import, the only sources are meta and commons. Should I ask on bugzilla for adding other sources ?
A galon, Vigneron * diskut. 3 Kzu 2010 da 16:23 (CET)
If you need other sources, for example oldwikisource or other Breton projects, you can of course request them to be added. Note that for importing the pages from oldwikisource to this wiki, I used the 'importupload' function for mass-importing pages from XML files. If you want to use that method, you need to be granted import status. - Congratulations to your appointment as sysop, I just requested my rights to be removed here. --MF-Warburg 3 Kzu 2010 da 22:04 (CET)